Mono Means One @ Threestival 2024

Threestival 2024, Williamsport, PA

😍 Threestival is ready to ripppp July 19th-21st with Hotel Threestival SUMMER EDITION 2024!!
🔥 We rent out an ENTIRE hotel 🤯 and throw an absolutely EPIC music festival costume party! (hotel room not required to attend)
👉 Held at the Williamsport, Pa Days Inn (formerly Red Roof Inn, same management!), 234 US-15, Williamsport, Pa 17702.
👑 Don't miss amazing performances by:
Solar Circuit
Time Relapse
Medusa's Disco
Mono Means One
David Koster's Space Radio
Lucid Ruby
Cassy Yost
and more!
🙌 Check out the open mic and open jam
on our outdoor acoustic stage!
🤗 Delicious food vendors!
🫢 Visionary craft vendors!
😋 Food room-delivery by Messy Napkin Food Truck!
NOTE: The hotel's pool is unable to be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, so we are taking matters into our own hands and creating an outdoor island oasis with inflatable pools, games, and outdoor performances! Wahoo!! 🌴🌞🌊
❤ for tickets and room-booking info ❤
(tickets and rooms sold separately)
Looking to book a room for Friday and/or Saturday (July 19th and 20th) for Hotel Threestival SUMMER EDITION 2024? Follow the steps below:
1. Call The Days Inn (formerly the Red Roof Inn) to book rooms: 570-322-9050
2. Say you’re with Threestival to get the nice discount:
$85-$95/night for rooms depending on the number of people.
Sick deal yo, split it with some friends dawg.
Rooms sold out FAST last time! Reserve them now, you won't get charged until the week of Hotel Threestival!
QUESTIONS? Email us at
There are no refunds.
2024 Outdoor Season Passes CAN BE USED for Hotel Threestival Summer Edition 2024!


Mono Means One @ Mono Means One (Album Release) & Guavatron

Mono Means One (Album Release) & Guavatron , Philadelphia, PA

🎶 Dive into the sonic universe as Mono Means One plays showcases their new album "Listless Playthings of Enormous Forces" at Silky City, PA on July 28th! 🌟 Join us for an unforgettable night of musical exploration alongside Guavatron. 🔥 Immerse yourself in captivating melodies and mesmerizing rhythms that will transport you to new dimensions.

#MonoMeansOne #AlbumRelease #SilkyCityPA #Guavatron 🚀


Mono Means One @ Mono Means One (album Release) W/The Edd

Mono Means One (album Release) W/The Edd, Cambridge, MA

🎶 Get ready to groove the night away with VT-based Jamtronica band The Edd as they return to The Middl East in Boston, MA on Friday, August 2nd! 🌟 Joining them will be the Mono Means One, debuting their new album "Listless Playthings of Enormous Forces". 💿 Expect an electrifying blend of break beats, prog, live techno, and MORE! 🔥

#TheEdd #MonoMeansOne #Jamtronica #LiveMusic 🎸


Mono Means One @ Mono Means one Album Release

Mono Means one Album Release, Syracuse, NY

Mono Means One Bio: Mono Means One is a psychedelic prog trio and the brainchild of bassist and composer John Ferrara, best known as the bass player and co-founder of the acclaimed world fusion band “Consider the Source.” Mono Means One’s sound contains melancholic melodies, rich sonic textures with Drum 'N’ Bass grooves and Mathrock sensibilities. Half composed and half improvised, the music is often dark, sometimes bright and other times heavy, oscillating between chill grooves to almost unbearable intensity. Originally composed entirely on the bass guitar, John paired up with Rob Madore (Drums) and Isaac Young (Keys), of Connecticut's amazing PX3 to borrow some of their “Futuristic Synth-Driven Madness” to help bring layers and textures to these compositions that fill rooms across the Northeast.

Mono Means One

Psychedelic Rock Trio

Bassist and composer John Ferrara (Consider the Source,

Soloist) is thrilled to be releasing his debut album with his new project Mono Means One on 5/10/24! The album, Listless Playthings of Enormous Forces, was created by transforming a yurt into a fully functioning recording studio over the course of only 2 days. Ferrara, keyboardist Isaac Young and drummer Rob Madore (both of PX3) holed up in this yurt at Lakeside Retreats in Raleigh NC, and created something truly unique and powerful. Following is a bit about the band and why this is the best ever album recorded. In a yurt....

Mono Means One is an instrumental progressive/psychedelic trio flooring audiences up and down the east coast thanks to incredible musicianship, mixed with moody tones and poignant melodies. Their debut album will consist of 8 tracks, and sounds somewhere between Radiohead, The Mars Volta and Medeski Martin and Wood. Their well-balanced mix of improvisation and composition mixed with a keen sense of juxtaposition serves to bring listeners to the brink of insanity and then back home to a serene homeostasis several times over. Audiences fall in love with the unique, blended layers of sound, often not knowing whether to dance or simply revel in awe at John’s seamless simultaneous integration of Taurus pedals and bass tapping technique, Rob’s explosive energy behind the drum set or Issac’s mastery on the keys and manipulating sounds..

The idea to record in a yurt was to break out of the studio setting and create in an environment where calm can exsit and creativity could flow. The result was even better than expected, with an emotionally potent and very unique sounding album with all members on their “A” game.

The album’s title, Listless Playthings Of Enormous Forces, is a reference from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, about how agency is lost in war. This title also extends to spiritual freedom lost in todays world due to our obsession with phones, celebrities and all other things that large corporations would rather us focus , robbing us of purpose, dignity and essentially our humanity. John believes art should fight these forces and this album is a right hook to it!

For Booking contact George at 

When it comes to bass tapping, John Ferrara is an absolute beast of a player.” - Scott Devine - Scotts Bass Lessons

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